Why Choose an Aluminium Radiator?

These days there are many options to choose from when it comes to choosing the material of your radiator – Steel (both Stainless and Mild), Cast Iron and Aluminium being only a few of the options.

What are the benefits?

Although it may cost slightly more, the long-term benefits of an Aluminium radiator justify the small extra spending cost.

Aluminium Radiators are one of the most cost-efficient ways to heat your home effectively as it is a superb conductor of heat. Aluminium is virtually five times more efficient than mild steel alternative, meaning you will end up using less water to heat up your home, saving you money on your heating bills. Radiators that are made of Aluminium also don’t have to be on as long in order to reach their maximum temperature.

Cariad Vertical Aluminium Radiator

As well as its efficiency, Aluminium is also a very light material, meaning when it comes to installing your radiator it will be a lot less heavy than a steel radiator.

It also means that they are suitable for installation on all types of wall as its lighter frame will put less strain on the wall when installing the unit. This in turn will take less man power to lift and will also quicken up the speed of your install. 

Which Aluminium Radiator is right for me?

When choosing your Aluminium Radiator you must factor in the size of the space you have to install it. If you have very little horizontal space, a vertical radiator is good way to save space. If you are looking for a more low profile look, a horizontal design will fit nicely under a window for example.

Another factor is the BTU rating needed. Here at NWT we supply a very handy BTU calculator that will help you find this number in just a couple of clicks: https://nwtdirect.co.uk/heating-calculator

Stylish and effective

Aluminium radiators are not only extremely effective, but also come in a whole host of modern and sleek styles for you to choose from. Given its malleability and lightweight nature, radiator designers are able to create cutting edge, modern designs ensuring maximum efficiency.

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