Which Bathroom Taps do I Require?

The taps you choose for your bathroom installation or renovation can have a major effect on the overall look and functionality of your bathroom fittings!

Whether you’re designing a new bathroom from scratch or updating previously installed taps it certainly pays to think carefully about which type of taps are correct for your installation without sacrificing the overall aesthetics! Here at NWT we have created an in-depth guide to help you select the taps you require.

The two main requirements for taps in a bathroom install are to connect a water source into:

1. Wash Basins
2. Baths

So which taps are suitable for the options above?

Pillar Taps:

Pillar taps in general are two separate taps of the same style. One will be a hot water feed and the other cold. The flow of both can be controlled separately into a basin or bath.
(Suitable for Options 1 & 2)

Mixer Taps:

As per the Pillar Taps, Mixer taps also draw water from both the hot and cold pipes but mix the two flows before they combine into a single water outlet. It’s generally far easier to achieve your desired temperature using a mixer tap and is a much safer option for households with children. Some Bath Mixer Taps also incorporate a Shower Mixer, allowing you to switch the water flow from the taps themselves to a shower attachment.

Mixer taps are generally better for those who use their baths frequently, as you can mix the flow to the desired temperature before allowing your bath to fill up.

Some mixer taps come in a style that is known as a Monobloc and are usually High Neck in Design. This is a single built-up unit containing one or two tap handles and the spout. They’re suitable for Deck Mounted Taps on baths or basins that have a single hole for the taps. They can also be used with countertop Vanity Basins.
(Suitable for Options 1 & 2)

What are my options if i don’t want deck mounted taps?

Deck mounted taps are attached to the bath, basin or unit itself through drilled holes. They can be Pillar taps coming through 2 holes or Monoblocs coming through a single hole but if you don’t have room in your design for this we have some alternative solutions:

Wall Mounted Taps:

Some contemporary taps are wall mounted and are installed over baths or basins. These can look incredibly stylish and striking but they can be slightly more challenging to install as the pipes and plumbing are hidden within the wall itself requiring more work!
(Suitable for Options 1 & 2)

Free Standing Bath Taps:

With the popularity of Roll TopFreestanding Baths on the rise, more and more of us are searching for suitable all-in one freestanding bath taps. At NWT we are developing our range to include a variety of traditional and modern options to complete your bathroom installation!
(Suitable for Options 2)

For any enquiries on which taps to choose don’t hesitate to call us on 01492 573738 and one of team will be happy to discuss your design ideas.

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