What Kind Of Towel Rail Do You Need?

Two Towel rails on the wall, one small anthracite ladder rail and one designer stainless steel thin armed towel rail

Towel Rails are a staple in any bathroom, bringing heat to the room and making sure your towels are nice and toasty! But which kind would suit you best?

Ladder Rails

Ladder rails are the perfect way to keep your towels organised and warm, ensuring your bathroom is tidy and toasty at the same time. Coming in a classic, popular ladder design, these towel rails are stylish, reliable and a bathroom staple.

Due to their design, ladder rails come in varying heights and widths, meaning there is really not much compromising to do when choosing the size of your towel rail. This means ladder rails suit a variety or roomsets and installations. The horizontal tubes and bar patterns are designed to balance performance and functionality, finding a happy medium between style and functionality.

Chrome ladder rails come in a beautiful shimmering coating of 50 microns of chrome. These add a bit of style and grace to your bathroom, dazzling any visitors with the high quality, gleaming finish. These models also come in a stylish curved version, adding some difference to your bathroom.

Powder Coated ladder rails come in a variety of modern colours. When you opt for a a powder-coated painted finish you get over 20% greater heat output than a chrome model of identical size. This means you can afford a slightly smaller size and it will still kick out the heat required to keep your towels warm.

Stainless Steel Towel Rails are made of long lasting, high quality Stainless Steel. Also coming in a variety of size options, these models come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning you can rest easy knowing you and your Towel Rail are completely covered.

Designer Towel Rails

Designer Towel Rails come in beautiful and unique designs and finishes. Coming in modern designs, these Towel Rails become a statement piece within your bathroom.

Choosing a Designer Towel Rail takes your bathroom that one step further. An affordable, designer towel rail will elevate any roomset. These models also come in a range of heights and widths, catering for a variety of heat requirements and installations. Designer Towel Rails also come in a range of colours, including Chrome, White, Black, Anthracite and a limited edition Latte finish!

We here at NWT also sell a bespoke range of Stainless Steel Designer Towel Rails, which are the perfect amalgamation of both art and heat.

Stainless Steel models are the height of performance and luxury, offering both brushed or highly polished finishes. These towel rails will transform your room and create a stunning focal point that is not only heat efficient but a true piece of interior design.

Traditional Towel Rails

Traditional Towel Rails are where modern manufacturing meets traditional design. The combination of functionality with super high heat outputs make these towel rails an ideal choice for a variety of installations. Traditional towel rails are available in both wall mounted and floor standing designs, meaning a choice of installation.

The striking column centres and practical sweeping bars make this a perfect product for period properties, adding practicality with vintage design.

Many Ladder, Traditional and Designer Towel Rails also come in an electric option!

Discover our varied range of Towel Rails here!

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