Have You Considered A Shower Bath?

If you are unsure whether you want a Bath or a Shower for your Bathroom, a Shower Bath can be the answer to your issue. Great For Smaller Spaces A Shower Bath is great for smaller Bathrooms, allowing your precious floor space to be used on other Bathroom units. Coming in a range of sizes,

What Kind Of Towel Rail Do You Need?

Towel Rails are a staple in any bathroom, bringing heat to the room and making sure your towels are nice and toasty! But which kind would suit you best? Ladder Rails Ladder rails are the perfect way to keep your towels organised and warm, ensuring your bathroom is tidy and toasty at the same time. Coming

Have You Considered A Mirrored Radiator?

A Mirrored Radiator allows you to add both heat and a stylish mirror to any desired space, making sure you not only look your best but also are keeping warm at the same time. Heating and Style Combined By adding a Mirrored Radiator to your home you add a truly unique design. Not only will you

Have you tried Electric Heating?

When you think of Radiators, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Its most likely central heating. Heating is no longer reliant on the humble boiler, it can be plugged in or wired into your electrical system, allowing ease of use without the need for pesky pipes. Easy Installation Electric heating can be

Light up your Bathroom with an LED Mirror

Mirrors have always been a staple in any bathroom, helping you shave, brush your teeth and fulfil your morning routine comfortably. Upgrade your bathroom by making sure you put your best face forward with an LED Mirror. LED Mirrors Flawlessly distribute even lighting into your bathroom, meaning you do not need to rely

Upgrade Your Radiators For Winter

It happens every year, before we know it Summer quickly gives way to the colder months, reminding us of what true British weather really is. There is no need to fear though as we have a handy guide to upgrading your old Radiators, ensuring you keep your home warm during these upcoming chillier months. Do

How to use a BTU Calculator? (Delta T 50°)

Where can I find a BTU Calculator? If you’re planning to upgrade your current heating system, you may want to consider using a BTU Calculator to find out roughly how much power you’ll need to heat a particular room. We have a handy BTU Calculator on our website, which can be found by navigating to