Solid Fuel Stoves

The latest addition to our ever expanding range are solid fuel stoves.

They are a stunning addition to any house! Whether you have a modern or traditional interior, a solid fuel stove will really provide a focal point to the room.

They are perfect for the long winter months, whether in a snug or in your main living area they produce great heat outputs which really bring a sense of warmth and atmosphere to the room.

The Benefits of Solid Fuel Stoves:

High efficiency rates

Our selected range of free standing wood burners and multi-fuel stoves all have high efficiency rates, up to 82%. The heat output is released slowly thanks to the use of cast iron in its core manufacture. Cast iron is a traditional material for stoves as it allows heat to be diffused to give an even output for a comfortable, ambient room temperature.

Renewable Heating Source

Wood logs are a renewable fuel provided that you purchase from a reputable supplier who sources from well managed woodland. Burning wood is also largely carbon neutral as the carbon dioxide given off during combustion is roughly equivalent to that absorbed by the tree during its growth. Wood will also give off carbon dioxide when left to rot so it’s worth utilising logs to generate useful heat for your home.

Off The Grid

If an incident like a storm cuts out the local power or gas supply, you’ll still be able to heat your home. Some people living in rural or outlying areas have no access to a gas main. A multi fuel stove is a fantastic option compared with the hassle of getting connected.

Timeless Design

You really can’t beat a roaring fire on a cold winters day – especially when it’s snowing!



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