Showering Doesn’t Have To Be Dull or Expensive!

The NWT Range of Showering Accessories.

Here at NWT we are extremely proud to offer the most diverse range of Showering Accessories in the industry!

We supply everything from modern designer shower columns like below to the more Traditional style.

Thermostatic Shower Columns

Shower Columns

Each one of our Shower Columns have been designed with YOU in mind. From the generous length of our hoses to the handy shelves for your shampoos and body washes!

Traditional Style


For the more traditionalist of our customers NWT offer a fantastic range of shower accessories to suit your bathroom ideas and most importantly your budget!

Gone are the days when showering was a dull and boring experience and you were limited to what styles were available. For very little cost you transform your bathroom from old to new.


Speak to our friendly knowledgeable staff at NWT Direct today to find out how you can turn your showering experience into the one of your dreams!

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