Light up your Bathroom with an LED Mirror

Mirrors have always been a staple in any bathroom, helping you shave, brush your teeth and fulfil your morning routine comfortably.

Upgrade your bathroom by making sure you put your best face forward with an LED Mirror. LED Mirrors Flawlessly distribute even lighting into your bathroom, meaning you do not need to rely on unreliable overhead lights for your lighting. When using a regular mirror, you are relying on your room’s natural or set lighting. The issue with this is you may come across discrepancies such as shadows, distorted reflections and unbalanced or uneven light.

“Lynx” LED MIrror

LED Mirrors allow forward lighting, which is the light preferred by professionals and make-up artists as it produces the best results, illuminating the face to allow you to see the fine details. LED Mirrors typically illuminate lighting from the the sides, pushing the light directly onto the face. This is especially great for anyone shaving and helps tremendously with the usual grooming process.

An LED bathroom mirror from NWT will set your bathroom apart. We have a wide variety of sizes and functions including infrared sensors, shaver sockets & LED lighting. Choose from over 20 stunning Mirrors, coming in a number of styles, shapes and sizes, specifically made to fit your needs.

You can view our selection here.

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