Horizontal or Vertical Radiator?

Do you want a radiator that has a small width, but takes up your whole wall, or would you rather a horizontal orientation so that you have the rest of the wall to work with? This is the dilemma between choosing a vertical or horizontal radiator.

Vertical Radiators

If you have very little horizontal space, a vertical radiator is good way to save space. With radiators now coming in stylish and attractive designs, vertical radiators are not the eyesore they once were and can become part of the theme and décor of your room.

This means you don’t mind sacrificing the vertical wall space as the radiator adds to the overall aesthetic of the room.

Newer vertical radiators now come in very narrow widths, meaning they take very little of your overall wall. Yes, they take the vertical space, but this allows so much more freedom with the rest of the wall space overall. Vertical radiators also produce very high BTU outputs, meaning you will not be compromising when it comes to the actual heating of the room either.

Horizontal Radiators

If you are looking for the more traditional look, a horizontal radiator can help you achieve this. Giving a more low profile look, a horizontal design will fit nicely under a window for example, fitting a space nicely and making the room feel more filled.

Many Horizontal Radiators feature shorter projections, especially single panel radiators. This means the radiator may take up more horizontal space, but will not stick out as much as some vertical radiators. A double horizontal radiator may take up more space, but will give a greater heat output than a single panel.

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