Heating your Kitchen

When planning your kitchen how to get heat into the kitchen should be one of your priorities.

Below we have compiled a list of different methods of heating your kitchen.

Kitchen Radiators

Being the norm a radiator is the way most folk get heating into the kitchen, being reliable and most homes having central heating the addition of a radiator to the room is welcoming. However for smaller kitchens having a radiator in the kitchen is not a choice as they take valuable wall/floor space up that can be used for storage.

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Underfloor heating for kitchens

Underfloor heating is a great option for kitchens as most kitchens will have a tile or vinyl floor. With technology as far as it is now underfloor heating does not take a large amount of head room.

Having the options for electrical underfloor heating and hydronic underfloor heating systems available this caters for all, however underfloor heating is really only an option before the floor is laid.

Once the floor is laid retrofitting an underfloor heating system is next to impossible.

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Kitchen Plinth Heaters

Providing heat from the floor level up, plinth heaters provide heat in smaller kitchens where space is a premium and underfloor heating is not an option.

They also provide additional heat for kitchens that are lacking in heat requirements, due to the ease in which these can be retrofitted.

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Electric Panel Heaters for your kitchen

Providing instant heat quickly, electric panel heaters are becoming very popular in kitchens, White not taking up vasts amount of space but outputting large amounts of heat they are easily one of the best space saves.

Another benefit of a panel heater is zone heating. With the rapid heat up of the zone you can just heat the zone of the house your in at the time an option you don’t have with central heating systems.

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