Have you tried Electric Heating?

When you think of Radiators, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Its most likely central heating.

Heating is no longer reliant on the humble boiler, it can be plugged in or wired into your electrical system, allowing ease of use without the need for pesky pipes.

Easy Installation

Electric heating can be much easier to install in comparison to the traditional plumbing-in methods. Whether it be radiators, towel rail or a panel heater, these are simply mounted on the wall in the desired position and then plugged or wired into the wall.

Plumbing work can be expensive and invasive, having to drain whole systems and have pipes re-centred can be a real hassle. Many panel heaters can now simply be plugged into your wall sockets, meaning ease of use and installation. It is advised that electric Radiators and Heaters be installed by a qualified electrician, but this can be a much quicker and less messy process in comparison to plumbing in.

Precise Thermostats and Programming

Many electric heaters come with clever and precise programming functions, meaning you can set the exact temperature desired for any time of day. You can programme the heating to come on at 6:00am in time for those cold winter mornings, and then drop in temperature whilst you are out, saving on your bills whilst still keeping your room warm for when you get back.

Electric heating covers programmes for comfort, economy, and frost protection settings and include a number of customisable and pre-set programs. This gives you complete flexibility, allowing you to design an accurate heating schedule for your household.

Stylish Options

Electric heating now comes in many different style options to suit any roomset. Our range of electric heating options come in numerous colours and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect heater or radiator for you. You can even get traditional styled radiators in modern electric!

We offer a large range of specially designed and hand picked electrical heating products covering a wide range of installations and requirements. These include a variety of carefully selected brands, hand picked for your convenience.

View our range of electric radiators and electric heating options here.

To learn more about these products or for any enquiries you may have please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@nwtdirect.co.uk or on 01492 573738.

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