Have You Considered A Mirrored Radiator?

A Mirrored Radiator allows you to add both heat and a stylish mirror to any desired space, making sure you not only look your best but also are keeping warm at the same time.

Heating and Style Combined

By adding a Mirrored Radiator to your home you add a truly unique design. Not only will you receive a stylish mirror, but also a very capable radiator that reaches high BTU output numbers, meaning you will keep the room warm.

Mirrored Radiators are extremely popular in hallways and bedrooms, keeping you looking sharp as well as warm during those colder months of the year.

Variety Where It Matters

Mirrored Radiators are true statement pieces in any home. It is therefore only right that you get to choose the perfect statement piece to suite your home. We offer a wide variety of finishes, colours and sizes of mirrored radiators, truly allowing you to find the radiator that best fits your roomset.

Mirrored radiators are made of durable Steel or Modern, Lightweight Aluminium, ensuring a robust and high quality radiator which will last. Coming in a Classy Chrome, Sleek Anthracite, Modern White or Stylish Black finishes, there are plenty of options when it comes to the finished colour of your mirrored radiator.

This type of radiator are almost always vertically orientated, allowing full body viewing when looking in the mirrored portion of the radiator. This also allows the heat to distribute evenly from the radiator and stops the mirror from condensation during colder months.

View our range of Mirrored Radiators here.

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