Do you know your Valves?

Valves are essential to the process of installing your Radiator as they bridge the gap between your pipes and the radiator inlets.

This being said, Valves are certainly not an afterthought, as they come in a range of attractive and high-quality finishes and styles.

Choosing The Right Orientation

Both Radiator and Towel Rail Valves come in three main orientations, straight, angled and corner orientations. This means that there is a definite valve that will fit the direction of your pipework. Depending on the angle of your pipework, you will need one of these three orientations to ensure your Radiator or Towel Rail connects comfortably to your pipework.

Straight Valves are best suited to Radiators and Towel Rails that have underside entry and if your pipework comes directly from the floor. This style of Valve is the connector in the middle, where your pipework coming directly from the floor meets the underside entry of the Radiator or Towel Rail.

Straight Valves are not ideal for pipework coming out directly from a wall as they lack the bend needed to accurately connect both Radiator or Towel Rail connection to the pipes. These Valves can work with pipes that come along a skirting board with Radiators or Towel Rails that have a side connection as again, this acts as a connector that connects both the pipes and inlet in a straight line.

Angled Valves are best for pipework that is coming directly from the wall as they accommodate for the angle between both the inlet and pipes at a 90 degree angle. These can also be used on pipework that is coming from the floor and radiator inlets that are side connection. Angled valves are becoming a more popular choice as they look neater, with less visible pipework.

With most Radiators having side connections, Angled Valves are one of the most common valves types as a lot of people also have pipework coming from their floor.

Corner Valves do exactly as it says in the name, they round the corner between your pipework and your Radiator or Towel Rail. These work best with pipes coming from the wall. If the inlets are on the bottom of your Radiator, this will make your valve heads in line with the Towel Rail or Radiator giving a neat, tucked in look.

If the inlets are side entry and your pipes are coming from the wall, this will mean the head of your valve will be facing directly up, instead of outwards. This allows ease of use and easy cleaning of your valves.

Valve Styles And Finishes

Valves now come in a wide array of finishes, styles and shapes. Once you have chosen the correct orientation needed, the next choice is choosing the style of the valves you would like.

The most obvious question that poses itself when choosing your style of valve is its compatibility to the Radiator you are pairing it with. Valves come in colours that can match the colour of your Radiator or Towel Rail.

Chrome Valves work with well with a wide range of colours as it is a rather neutral colour and therefore will go with many different colour pallets.

As well as Chrome, Valves also come in other colours such as Anthracite, White, Gold, Copper and more specific traditional colours such as Antique and Brushed finishes, which work well on Traditional Style Valves.

Thermostatic And Standard Valves

Thermostatic Valves are used to control the temperature of your room, with a dial to indicate the level of heat you would like to have the radiator set to. These thermostatic valves come in a range of colours and styles to ensure you can have full control of your Towel Rail or Radiator. Coming with the common ‘number dial’ these Valves are simple to use and install. There are also traditional styled Valves that are thermostatic.

Standard Valves are simply on and off valves, allowing your radiator to be turned on and off as you please. These valves are well suited for towel rails as it is not often you need precise thermostatic control of these. The heat from a shower or bath can also throw off the thermostatic control of a TRV, therefore it is advised standard valves are used for these.

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