Confused About Switching Radiators?

Switching radiators can seem like a heavy and arduous task. However, swapping over your radiators is quite a straight forward process.

Planning Is Key

The old adage ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ is applicable to most things in life, with switching over your radiators also falling into this category. Radiators now not only heat up your room, but are increasingly becoming style statements, with some becoming the focal point of a room.

Get Your Measurements

With the wide selection of radiators on offer these days, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Getting your measurements allows you to automatically narrow down the options available. Anything that comes outside these measurements simply will not fit, and therefore is not suitable for that space. This means the myriad of options that can seem daunting is narrowed right down.

One thing that is worth remembering when taking your measurements is that you must allow space for your valves on either side, therefore it is important to add these onto the overall width measurements.

Get Your BTU Number

When getting new radiators, the BTU output it produces is just as important as the measurements on the wall. This BTU number should match the number given by your plumber or the rough estimate given by our handy BTU calculator.

Getting this number allows you to achieve the optimum temperature for the desired room, meaning it will neither be too hot nor too cold. Too little a BTU number will lead to a cold room, making it difficult when the cold weather creeps in. Too large a BTU number will lead to an overheated room, however a set of thermostatic valves can solve the over-heating issue as this means the temperature can be turned up or down.

Choose Your Style

Radiators now come in a number of different styles and finishes. Thankfully if you have correctly calculated your measurements and BTU number for each room, as long as the radiator fits these numbers, you can choose any radiator you desire.

This allows you to get creative and choose from any style and colour you want to create your dream room.

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