Choosing The Right Shower For You

Showers are an essential part of our daily lives, with the average person using their shower up to 7 times a week.

With showering being such a vital part of our daily routine, why settle for a sub-par shower?

Walk In Showers

A walk in shower allows a large showering area, with ease of access at the heart of the design. Walk in showers create a minimalistic and contemporary look, making your bathroom look and feel bigger. The clear shower screen allows the light to flow freely in your bathroom.

Given the simple nature of the design, walk in showers are a breeze to clean. The screen is fully accessible from both sides and the shower tray can also be reached at all angles for a thorough, deep clean. The surrounding tiles are also fully reachable, meaning a full clean of the whole unit is easy, preventing any potential mold or damp issues in the future.

Walk in showers are also great for accessibility as there is no high bath to have to climb over, or any space restrictions from these high bath walls.

Shower Enclosures

The more familiar look for modern showers, shower enclosures allow a fully enclosed shower experience, keeping in all heat and splashing water whilst in use.

The sliding doors come with high quality rollers allowing ease of use and allow a long life for your enclosure. This option allows you to segment off your shower, ensuring all water splashes are neatly caught within the enclosure.

Coming in a number of styles, including square, quadrant, rectangular, corner and offset. Shower enclosures also come in a variety of measurements.

Given the amount of styles and measurements available, this allows installation in almost any bathroom needed.

Wetroom Style Shower

Wetrooms are becoming an ever popular option, with more and more people opting for the minimal, spacious option when designing their bathrooms.

Similarly to a walk in shower, wetroom style showers make your bathroom look and feel bigger as there are no segmented areas, it is simply one space. The main difference between a wetroom shower and a walk in shower is that the drain is actually in the ground. Wetrooms allow full accessibility as there are no steps, raised platforms or any access restrictions as the shower is already at floor height.

Shower Baths

A traditional, popular choice, shower baths are the complete solution to your shower and bathroom needs. With a space in a ‘p’ or ‘b’ shape design on one side of the bath, this allows adequate room for comfortably standing and showering in your bath.

Although there is a slight design change, this takes nothing away from the quality of your bath, or your bathing experience. Coming in multiple lengths, shower baths are luxurious and spacious baths in their own right, with the added benefit of being able to take a shower. It is a really useful and versatile option when trying to save space, or simply cannot compromise on only having a shower or or only having a bath in your bathroom.

A shower bath is paired with a simple screen that stops the water from splashing out of the bath area when showering. These can come in all sorts of finishes, easily matching the overall theme of your bathroom.

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