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Why Choose an Aluminium Radiator?

These days there are many options to choose from when it comes to choosing the material of your radiator – Steel (both Stainless and Mild), Cast Iron and Aluminium being only a few of the options. What are the benefits? Although it may cost slightly more, the long-term benefits of an Aluminium radiator justify

What Element do I need for my towel rail?

Finding the correct element for your towel rail can be a daunting task, To help you best find the correct setup for yourself NWT Direct has put together this simple little post to help you out. What wattage element do I need for my towel rail? At NWT all our electrical towel rails come with the

Heating your Kitchen

When planning your kitchen how to get heat into the kitchen should be one of your priorities. Below we have compiled a list of different methods of heating your kitchen. Being the norm a radiator is the way most folk get heating into the kitchen, being reliable and most homes having central heating the addition of

AEON Sculptural Heating – Beauty & Performance Combined!

With a wealth of experience in the manufacture of reliable heating solutions the AEON range takes this to a whole new level of unrivaled performance and beauty. The striking collection has been created, crafted and hand-finished by experts, using only the finest quality materials available. We have added AEON Sculptural Heating, our latest carefully selected

Why a Heated Towel Rail is a Bathroom Necessity!

Every time winter rolls around do you find yourself wishing that you had a heated towel rail in your bathroom? This recent customer review sums it up perfectly: “In my bathroom we did have a radiator, but I found myself always struggling to find somewhere to dry my towels as I don’t have a particularly large bathroom. So,

What is a Dual Fuel Heating system?

What is a Dual Fuel Heating system? A dual fuel bathroom towel rail is heated from your central heating system during the winter months and also on an electric “stand alone” system during the summer months. This is especially useful in the summer when you don’t use your central heating system as much, if at

The Efficiency of Cast Iron Radiators

A common question asked is how cast iron radiators compare with their more modern counterparts? A cast iron radiator generally has a greater internal volume than a more modern flat panel radiator. This means that although initially the boiler has to work harder to heat up a cast iron radiator, its raw material property gives its an

NWT DIRECT Launch Huge Range of Cast Iron Radiators!

At NWT Direct we strive to find new designs and materials to launch the best quality radiators for the Worldwide heating market. However we are now taking a step back in time and have recently relaunched and put into manufacture a truly classic range of central heating cast iron radiators. With our new range of Cast Iron Radiators available in