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Light up your Bathroom with an LED Mirror

Mirrors have always been a staple in any bathroom, helping you shave, brush your teeth and fulfil your morning routine comfortably. Upgrade your bathroom by making sure you put your best face forward with an LED Mirror. LED Mirrors Flawlessly distribute even lighting into your bathroom, meaning you do not need to rely

Wetrooms are the new Bathrooms!

With a wide range of wet room styles to suit every taste, wet rooms are becoming more and more the in-design for the bathroom refurb and they’re a great way to add value to your home. But where do you start? Check out NWT’s Essential Guide to Wet Rooms for everything you will need to make

Choosing the right bath for you

A bath isn’t just a bath its a place to relax after a hard or stressful day of work. but choosing the bath that suites you and your room-space can be stressful also, making sure your bathroom works for you and your family is very important. Bath’s have jumped leaps and bounds in technologically in

Which Bathroom Taps do I Require?

The taps you choose for your bathroom installation or renovation can have a major effect on the overall look and functionality of your bathroom fittings! Whether you’re designing a new bathroom from scratch or updating previously installed taps it certainly pays to think carefully about which type of taps are correct for your installation without

A Whirlpool Bath can now be an Affordable Luxury!

At NWT we pride ourselves on our unrivalled range of whirlpool, airpool and combined system baths. These are available as an easy, affordable upgrade on over 75% of our entire bath range including: Corner Baths Rectangular Baths Shower Baths We have been developing our whirpool systems for over a decade and believe that our unique system is not

Showering Doesn’t Have To Be Dull or Expensive!

The NWT Range of Showering Accessories. Here at NWT we are extremely proud to offer the most diverse range of Showering Accessories in the industry! We supply everything from modern designer shower columns like below to the more Traditional style. Thermostatic Shower Columns Each one of our Shower Columns have been designed with YOU in mind. From the generous length