A Whirlpool Bath can now be an Affordable Luxury!

At NWT we pride ourselves on our unrivalled range of whirlpool, airpool and combined system baths. These are available as an easy, affordable upgrade on over 75% of our entire bath range including:
Corner Baths
Rectangular Baths
Shower Baths

We have been developing our whirpool systems for over a decade and believe that our unique system is not only easy to use but also extremely simple to maintain.
All our Whirlpool baths are installed with the unique V-Jet system. This ensures total draining for a clean, safe system. We also installed as standard a dry-run pump protection which prevents running the system without water.
All our airpool systems are fitted with low profile chrome plated solid brass jets. Each jet is fitted with a non-return valve minimising the water’s flow into the pipes below the bath. Our airpool blowers are not only heated but also 3-speed, so you can tailor your bathing experience to your needs.

Often mistakenly thought to be the reserve of only the rich and famous, whirlpool and airpool systems are luxurious, affordable and definitely one of the finest investments you could make in your personal and family well-being.
Developed from years of experience and using the latest technology, each system has been carefully designed to ensure maximum benefit with long lasting reliability.

For our full range of standard, whirlpool and airpool baths click here.

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