Do You Know Your Radiator History?

Some time ago in 1855, a Polish-born Russian named Franz San Galli was so sick of the cold that he decided to put his time to use by creating a heating system. Little did he know, that he’d be creating the building blocks for heating systems to come. Back in the day, most radiators were

Upgrade Your Radiators For Winter

It happens every year, before we know it Summer quickly gives way to the colder months, reminding us of what true British weather really is. There is no need to fear though as we have a handy guide to upgrading your old Radiators, ensuring you keep your home warm during these upcoming chillier months. Do

Have You Considered Column Radiators?

Column Radiators are the perfect way to add some traditional elements into your home. Coming in a range of finishes and sizes, you can choose the exact Column Radiator that is right for you. Choose The Right Style For You Column Radiators come in a wide range of colours and finishes. If you want a